Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Locations where you can find Kakashi

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Locations where you can find Kakashi– Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 has been the attraction of players. They curiously play this game and this week’s NPC launches straight out of the Shippuden universe along with the Fortnite X Naruto crossover taking place right now.

This week’s punchcard quest holder is Kakashi. Kakashi is a character often seen beside naruto. To initiate the quest chain that rewards piles of experience with every leg of the chain players have to talk to Kakashi. You may find some NPCs easily because they linger near big-name locations but you may have some difficulty in finding Kakashi.

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Location of the Kakashi for the Fortnite Punchcard Quests

Fortnite players have to search to the west of lazy lake near stumpy ridge for this NPC. You may find Kakashi walking around somewhere on the hill near to the lakeside view.

Players will get five quests from Kakashi to complete in a chain, all the quests rewarding 30K XP each for 1,50,000 experience. Maximum quests of Kakashi will deal with weapons and structure like other NPC quests this season is already completed by the players.

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The Quests Kakashi gives out to players:

  • Scout a UFO crash site
  • Hit players with Paper Bomb Kunai
  • Build a structure after taking damage
  • Place or destroy a trap
  • Tame wildlife with the Hunter’s Cloak

A skilled player of Fortnite should not take much time to complete all this. But they can take more time because this would keep them busy until the next quest chain is released. 

Players of Fortnite can buy Paper Bomb Kunai is a stack of three for a small number of gold bars. Kakashi will offer all players of gold bars. Kakashi will offer all players one of the items they need for a quest.

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