Fortnite chapter 2 season 8: Ember fire yoga punchcard challenges quests

Fortnite chapter 2 season 8: Ember fire yoga punchcard challenges quests– Here, we got a piece of good news for all the players of Fortnite chapter 2 season 8, who are struggling to level up their battle pass one more week of Fortnite, in this one more NPC is going to be added on the map. This time it is ember with all new challenges for the players to win in the game.

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The fire yoga punchcard challenge is worth 30000 XP that will be added to your battle pass and every ember’s yoga punchcard is worth the same.

  • Destroy a fireplace at Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Place. 
  • Set structure on fire. 
  • Emote within 5m of a vehicle that’s smoking. 
  • Ignite an opponent with a firefly jar. 
  • Heal from a Campfire.

In these challenges every house at holly hedges, craggy cliffs, lazy lake or pleasant will have a fireplace that you can easily bump up by your tool of harvesting herm almost every ember challenge revolve around fire, also the setting structure on fire can be easy to buy the firefly jars which are found on the map.

You have to just smash up the smoking vehicle with your harvesting tool to emote within 5m of the vehicle. After all to get healed from a campfire you just have to light it and stay near while healing and be missing some health.

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