Fortnite becomes the first game to play more than 10 million game play

In our previous post, we heard that Epic maybe throwing a “late” Birthday party for Fortnite. Fortnite is nearing its third year of release and celebrations are seemingly being planned for the 26th of September.

Now, Fortnite has millions of users around the world, Fortnite might have begun as just another battle royale game on the market, but by now it has become so much more. Epic has used Fortnite as a platform to raise issues related to popular culture, a venue for performances, and so much more.

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After such success of Fortnite in the gaming field, some reports come out which points out that Fortnite has accumulated more than 10 Million years of game play. With some amazing and unique titles, it has been a major game in the gaming world since the beginning.

In a short time, video games have made their own place in the world., From the beginning, the video games had started ruling everyone’s heart and drawing Peoples’ attention towards its thrilling gameplay, features, etc. and this was clearly demonstrated by the new study carried out by the British portal GAME, in which the most popular video games are revealed if we determine them by the time that players have accumulated playing.

According to the report, the first place corresponds to Fortnite. Released in 2017, as  Fortnite celebrates its birthday in July, with the hit game originally releasing on July 25, 2017. The game is currently at the top of registered players for any game in history, and also on the list of accumulated hours that its players have to reach a total of 10,417,808 accumulated years.

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