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What’s new features in Garena Free Fire 1.53.2 OB24 Update?

Garena officially released the new updated version 1.53.2 update for Free Fire users. In this update many changes and improvements you will have to see. So what’s new in Garena Free Fire 1.53.2 OB24 Update?

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What’s new

1. Clash Squad Season 3 – Begins 09/24 17:00 SGT
2. New Weapon – PARAFAL
3. Updated Training Grounds
– Players now spawn on set locations inside the training grounds.
– Added nitro boost and honk on the vehicles inside the training grounds.
– Brand new private theatre.
4. Grenades can now be cooked before thrown
5. Team boost (Classic Only)
– Players can now jump higher by taking off from a crouched ally.

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