Does PUBG: New State have controller support or not?

Does PUBG: New State have controller support or not?– PUBG: New State is a brand new, mobile-exclusive game set in the PUBG universe. It is set in the year 2051.

Many players are asking a question that Does PUBG: New State has controller support? That’s the question fans of the new mobile battle royale game are asking.

The answer is No. PUBG: New State doesn’t have controller support, and there is no information regarding whether Krafton will add it in the future or not. The reason for the non-availability of this feature might be to keep the game fair for everyone, just like playing on an emulator is prohibited.

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In a media showcase from October 2021, developer Krafton confirmed that external controllers and emulators would not work with the game.

If players are having issues handling your in-game character in PUBG: New State, they can customize the controls by going into the settings. In addition to this, they can also practice getting used to the touch controls as many times as they want in the training mode.

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