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How to get Diamond Royale Tickets on Free Fire without spending diamonds

Diamond Royale tickets are items that can be used to spin the Diamond Royale. Players will receive prizes after the spin according to their respective luck. If luck is on your side, a player can receive the main Diamond Royale prize with a single spin.

How to get Diamond Royale Tickets on Free Fire

So, how to get Diamond Royale Tickets on Free Fire without spending diamonds? Check out the Free Fire Mania tips you can use to win Diamond Royale tickets. Check out!

Players can easily get Diamond Royale tickets in 3 different ways.

1. Event rewards

Players can get Diamond Royale tickets for free at existing events. Normally, the ticket is provided in the event login mission.

However, tickets won in an event have a validity period, which varies between 7, 14 or 30 days. At the end of the validity, the players have lost the item and it will disappear from the account.

2. FreeFire Token

Players can exchange FF Tokens for Diamond Royale tickets. You can win 1 Diamante Royale ticket for 40 FF Tokens.

To exchange your FF Token for a Diamond Royale ticket, go shopping> Collect> FF Token and you will find a Diamond Royale ticket there.

The limit for exchanging with FF Token is 20 tickets per season, about 60 days.

3. Guild Token

You can exchange the Guild Token you have for Diamond Royale tickets. 10 Guild tokens are required to obtain 1 Diamond Royale ticket.

To exchange your Guild Tokens for a Diamond Royale Ticket, you can visit Shop> Collect> Guild Token.

The guild token exchange limit is 5 tickets per season, about 60 days.

So, these are a series of tips for you to be able to win Diamond Royale tickets without having to spend a penny or your diamonds on Free Fire.

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