COD Mobile Season 11 is anticipated to roll out soon with the following leaks:

COD Mobile (Call Of Duty MOBILE) is to be celebrated its 1st Anniversary in the next month (October) as it was released on October 1, 2019. COD Mobile Season 10 has finally concluded, marking the beginning of the next one. Season 10 was based on the jungle-themed and was released on September 10, 2020.

COD Mobile Season 11 is getting closer, To celebrate a successful year, the developers plan to release a bunch of new content in the game like new features, improvements as well as new maps. 

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We are excited about this Surprize, It is also rumored that the Halloween event will make a comeback, Zombies mode from CODM was taken out after Season 4, New perks coming to Call of Duty mobile, New guns leaked, and also Night mode maps. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out the following leaks!

Table content: 

  • Maps
  • New Perk (in work including)
  • New Characters (From the Cold War)
  • Character Customization In BR Lobby
  • Night Mode
  • Zombies Mode
  • Executions Being Added
  • Operator skills
  • Finishing Moves
  • Buy Stations


According to the leaks, Two maps called Rebirth and Breakdown will arrive in the next update.

New perks-

Overkill- Carry two primary weapons instead of a secondary weapon, Re-stock- Replenish 1 extra Combat Axe. Equipment gets recharged after 20 seconds. A slight possibility of M249 LMG appearing in CODM.

Character including-  

characters are connected with the Cold War

  • Frank Woods 
  • Alex Mason
  • Grigori Weaver
  • Dimitri Petrenko
  • Bruce Harris

Character Customization In BR Lobby-

Recently, a glitch in Call of Duty Mobile revealed an upcoming feature in the game. Interestingly, the leaked feature will enable players to customize their characters in the BR lobby. So, in Season 11, players might be able to change their backpacks, outfits, headgear, etc. before they get into the plane.

Night Mode-

It is expected that COD is getting Night Mode, the new mode should add a new tactical challenge as players won’t have the same level of visibility as compared to the daytime.

Zombie Mode- 

Just like the Night Mode, Call of Duty: Mobile players are desperate for Zombie Mode to return.

Executions Being Added

A new comic strip could suggest that executions are being added to the game!

Operator Skills-

A new ‘Tracker’ Operator Skill has been spotted in the Google Play Store screenshots.

Finishing Moves-

Players can finish off their enemies in style.

Buy Stations- 

In Call of Duty Warzone, players can use the looted cash to buy supplies from several Buy stations scattered across the map. Well, there have been some rumors suggesting that the Season 11 update might also introduce ‘Buy stations’ in the Isolated BR map, just like the Chip terminals.

Unlike every season, Season 11 will not get a test server. Actually each season, developers launch a test server update, but this time the developers want everything planned for the update to be kept a secret. Therefore it is expected that Season 11 in CODM will be a huge celebration.

Be ready For COD Mobile’s Birthday Party!

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