BGMI: New Anti-cheat system started to Ban the device ID

BGMI: New Anti-cheat system started to Ban the device ID– Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is going to launch a new anti-cheat system.

What is the new Anti-cheating system?

According to this new anti-cheating system, if a user uses the hack or cheat in the game, then that player’s ID will be permanently banned and the banned ID will never use it to play. This new anti-cheat system will detect the player’s suspicious behavior or cheating.

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New Device Ban Notice

The latest new anti-cheat system is soon going to launch in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Now, if players get detected of any suspicious behavior or cheating by any player of the game then their device will be banned permanently from playing BGMI. This means players will never be able to Play BGMI on their Android or iOS devices.

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Another important thing is If a player uses a third party application to purchase a premium item in the game, then doing so is also against the policy of the game and by doing so the new anti-cheating system will detect the player’s ID and ban it permanently

At last, if the cheater gets banned pan and the players who got their points deducted will get their points back. Every player will be compensated if the cheats who killed them get ban pan.

How to avoid getting Banned?

There are certain rules which Krafton has released which can be followed and avoid getting banned from the game. If you’re trying to apply hacking tools then we recommend you not to do that. It’s the best way to avoid getting banned because the anti-cheating system of the game is very impressive and it will surely recognize the cheating tool.

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