BGMI: Latest update Gets New Santorini Map, Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, and more

BGMI: Latest update Gets New Santorini Map, Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, and more– In the February 1.8.5 update, Battlegrounds Mobile India added the Team Death Match (TDM) map to the popular battle royale game. The new map, Santorini, is the first 8×8 TDM map in the game and follows the addition of new features and changes introduced by Krafton, such as the ability to recall teammates in the game and the use of vending machines for supplies.

The publisher has also added new characters to the game as part of a new collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen, which will be rolled out today in Erangel and Livik, with the chance to win special rewards.

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As part of the BGMI 1.8.5 update, Krafton has added a new 8×8 TDM map called Santorini, which will be introduced to the game today, allowing 16 players to face off against each other. BGMI already allows gamers to participate in 4×4 player matches, and the new map will allow more players to join in. Gamers will have access to preset weapons in the new Santorini map, along with Arena Training, according to Krafton.

Main Characters

BGMI will also bring four main characters — Megumi, Satoru, Yuuji, and Nobara, from the popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen, as part of a new collaboration that will roll out to Erangel and Livik today. Gamers will be able to interact with these characters in the game. They will be able to select the Jujutsu Kaisen Theme Mode in ranked match mode by tapping the arrow button on Erangel and Livik, according to a teaser video previously shared by the publisher.


The latest version of the game also includes new abilities such as the ability to summon and defeat the Boss Monster and Cursed Corpse with Skull Grenades. Killing these monsters will award you rare rewards. As a part of the latest collaboration, Krafton also added locked treasure boxes with loot items to the game. Gamers can locate these boxes to find rare ingredients that can be exchanged for rewards and achievements, according to Krafton.

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