BGMI: Important tips to win at the New Santorini Map

BGMI: Important tips to win at the New Santorini Map– BGMI recently unveiled a new Santorini map featuring 8 vs 8 TDM gameplay. Here are some tips for overcoming the map. It is a popular online multiplayer Battle Royale game that released a new map, Santorini, last week. Map 8 vs Team Deathmatch (TDM) offers gameplay. 

Since its launch, it has become one of the most popular maps in the game due to its short duration and more combat-oriented gameplay. But winning on this field is a little difficult because the rules of normal gameplay do not apply. The fast match is conducive to aggressive style and on-the-go tactics. If you’re struggling to find consistent victories on the Santorini map, don’t worry. We have some tips for you that will make your way to chicken dinner clear. Read on to find out.

In Battleground Mobile India, Santorini is the largest map in the unranked areas. A ranking-free area means that winning or losing will have no effect on your overall ranking. So, this map also provides a great way to experiment with new strategies to improve your fighting skills and get a high position in the ranked arenas. The BGMI TDM map is based on the beautiful Santorini Islands of Greece and has similar white houses. 

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  • Choose the right weapon

No matter what kind of game you want, weapon choice is crucial whether you want a fast close combat game or a tactical sniping game. Due to its high loss, low recoil, and fast fire rate, the M416 provides great value for moderate combat. Alternatively, if you decide to go the snippet route, Kar98 offers the best range.

  • Use the map to your advantage

The 8 vs 8 TDM mode of the Santorini map is very unique. Be sure to play enough games to familiarize yourself with the map and all its locations. This will help you find the best places for snipping, camping, and ambush attacks. Note the routes or access points used by BGMI Santorini to easily kill enemies.

  • Communicate with colleagues

Remember, Area 8 vs. 8 is a team deathmatch. So a lot depends on how well your team performs. You can use the Discord channel, WhatsApp group voice call, or zoom to make sure you’re all synchronized and covering each other for the best possible results. Communicating when you play a game ranked in Battlegrounds Mobile India will help you formulate the right strategies.

  • Use Response Time Hack

Whenever you resurrect, you will be invincible for a few seconds. If the opposing team is playing aggressively and close to the response area, use this time wisely to hit one or two shots.

  • Slide and shoot

As a result of the slide feature in TDM mode, players will be more prone to quick movements. By doing this, you will surprise your enemies and make it more difficult for them to set their targets, therefore reducing the damage you deal.

  • Use grenades and smoke bombs

Throwable weapons are important in the BGMI Santorini map. Once you know where their entrances and general hideouts are, you can throw grenades to damage them or attack them with a smoke bomb to get them out before they even know what happened.

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