BGMI Esports Tournament Eligibility 2021: Age, Skills, Rank, Regione, and more

We understand your excitement to become a part of the BGMI Esports Tournament! However, the first thing you need to check before applying for the BGMI Esports Tournament Eligibility criteria. Here we provide all detail for BGMI Esports Tournament Eligibility 2021. Check more BGMI Esports Tournament Scoring System

BGMI Esports Age Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must have reached 16 years of age or older.

If a player is 16 years of age or older but the age of majority age in India is 18, he or she may still compete in the Tournament.

  1. If he or she meets the other eligibility criteria in these General Rules and the applicable competition-specific Rules.
  2. A parent or legal guardian accepts these General Rules and the applicable competition-specific Rules on behalf of the player and consents to the player’s participation in the Tournament using a parental consent form provided by the Tournament Organizer.

BGMI Esports Ranking Eligibility

All players on a Team’s roster must have held a ranking for Battleground Mobile India of “Platinum” or above, in any mode at the time of registration for any Official Competition.

Regione Criteria

In order to maintain the regional identity of teams that compete in global competition and to encourage the type of regional identity that is important to fans and sponsors, each Team must maintain, at all times during any Official Competition, at least three players on its roster that are Residents of the Team’s home region and at least two of the Team’s players participating in any Tournament Game must be Residents of the Team’s home Region. Check more BGMI Mortal: Sensitivity Settings &a Control Code

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