BGMI: Cheaters Devices will be Permanently Ban if they are caught Cheating

BGMI: Cheaters Devices will be Permanently Banned if they are caught Cheating- Game publisher Krafton has announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India would ban devices used by cheaters in the popular game.

As part of its new policy, Krafton will ban devices running software that facilitates gaming cheating starting today, December 24. Two popular games where cheating can negatively affect other players’ experiences are PUBG: New State and Battlegrounds Mobile India. This new policy will permanently ban the device, rather than sanitizing the offending account. This represents a significant change in the way the game treats cheaters.

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Krafton revealed the details of the policy to ban offending devices in an announcement on the game’s website on Thursday. “If the newly applied security logic detects that an illegal program is being used on a mobile device, the device will be permanently banned from using BGMI,” the developer said. Players’ accounts can be banned if an unofficial or modified version of the game is used, or if they use illegal auxiliary programs that enable them to cheat.

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Moreover, Krafton has been targeting cheating users by banning their accounts permanently. The company announced that 99,583 cheater accounts were permanently banned from Battlegrounds Mobile India within six days. While banning an account is effective, banning a device (which could be based on either the device ID or on the IP address) prevents cheating gamers from bypassing the ban and creating additional accounts on the same device.

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