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BGMI: Build a Snowman and get an Outfit for free

BGMI: Build a Snowman and get an Outfit for free– Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI announcing new events and adding lucky spins in the game which consists of winter-themed outfits. The recently launched Snowland Event BGMI is giving away a permanent legendary outfit to the players for free. 

In this, Players can build a snowman in specific parts of Erangel’s map under the Snowland Event BGMI. It is recommended that players should build snowmen with all of their team members in order to get advanced supplies by building a complete Snowman.

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What is the ‘Into the Snowland’ event in BGMI?

The latest event in BGMI is the ‘Into the Snowland’ event, which celebrates the upcoming winter season in the game. Players are required to collect Processed Snow by completing the daily missions in order to obtain the specified rewards mentioned in the event.

 Here are the Missions:

  • Travel over 3,000 meters while operating a vehicle today – 1 processed snow, 200 BP.
  • Recover a total of 200 health – 1 processed snow, 200 BP.
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes in the game – 1 processed snow, 10 silver fragments.
  • Revive 3 teammates – 1 processed snow, 5 AG cash.

How to get the free Space Explorer Set?

Players need to collect the required number of processed snow in order to claim outfits for free in the game. 

  • 5 classic crate coupon scrap – 8 processed snow
  • 1 premium crate coupon – 20 processed snow
  • 5 bike (popularity item) – 40 processed snow
  • 2 premium crate coupons – 60 processed snow
  • Space Explorer Set – 80 processed snow

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