BGMI: 5 tips to become pro in Solo mode

BGMI tips to become pro

BGMI: 5 tips to become pro in Solo mode- As you all know, playing well in the Solo mode of BGMI is quite challenging. Hundreds of individuals players battle with one another to get hold of the victory.

And due to this, every player applies certain strategies to increase their chances of gaining the maximum points. Like any other battle royale game, BGMI has several tiers that can be unlocked by ranking up.  the higher rank you reach, the more pro players you’ll meet on the battleground.

How to Rank up in BGMI’s Solo mode:

  • Drop location- it plays a vital role because survival plays a significant role in ranking up the tiers. Locations such as Sosnovka Military Base, Yasna Polyana, and Gerogopol offer great loots for gamers.
  • Weapons-  should have the perfect pair of weapons ready for any kind of warfare. Players are advised to keep one Assault Rifle or an SMG along with a Sniper.
  • Throwables- Grenades, and Molotov Cocktails are game-changer so collect these grenades as they can change the dynamic of the game at any instant.
  • Maintain a silent profile-  Players are advised to crouch, crawl and spectate during the final zone to increase their chances of survival in the Solo mode.
  • Keep adequate health supplies-Health Kits, MediKits, and other consumables such as Pain Killers and Energy Drinks should be kept in adequate numbers in BGMI.

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