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Bermuda Free Fire 2.0 Map in classic mode, What’s New?

As we had already anticipated, Garena is adding the Bermuda Free Fire 2.0 map in the Battle Royale version of the game, that is, players will be able to use the new version of the map also in classic mode , however, the novelty at the moment is only available on the Advanced Server Free Fire .

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The Bermuda Free Fire 2.0 was officially released on August 13, 2020 on all servers Garena through so Against Squad during the upgrade birthday Free Fire .

The Bermuda Free Fire 2.0 map is now officially released in the classic game mode and is completely redesigned.

The 4 new cities are the same as those previously presented in the Contra Squad , these locations had changes only in their names.

While the rest of the map gained visual changes, the houses , lakes and other buildings in Bermuda have new graphics, check out the video below:


Samurai’s Garden – Bermuda Free Fire :

Located on the ancient island Sentosa. In this ancient temple you will have to use all your skills to protect yourself from damage from enemies and think quickly about the resources you will need, as the place is wide open. But there are several elements on the map that you can use to protect yourself.

Academy – Bermuda Free Fire :

Located in the old Graveyard. The site is basically a university with 2 buildings and a bridge between them that makes it easy to get from one place to another.

Aden’s Creek – Bermuda Free Fire :

Located in the old fishing village Rim Nam Village. This small village contains simple wooden houses that you can use to your advantage to surprise enemies, the movement around these houses is a little complicated by the fact that there is a street separating them, so watch for the best time to act.

Hydropower – Bermuda Free Fire :

Located between the old ends of Plantation. This location is ideal for a direct match in the game, as you will be face to face with the enemy at all times. The second part of the Plantation dam is an attempt by the Fire Elect company to obtain a new source of energy, as all the plants in Bermuda have been decommissioned for a very confidential reason.

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