Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Grind Day 3 BGIS 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Grind Day 3 BGIS 2021– BGIS 2021: The Grind practice scrims 3 days of the league is over now. With 58 kills and 112 points, Hyderabad Hydra’s acquired first-place showing consistency to the game, and with 100 points or Esports is in second place.

Orangutan Esports slipped to 3 places with 40 kills and 96 points. To get in fourth place team forever, led by Owais, showed aggressive gameplay but did not get placement points.

After gaining 17 places the best team of the day Team XSpark was in fifth place Godlike is in 9th place and soul is in 15th place.

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Match Standings

Team X Spark won the first match with 15 frags. Team Incognito was in second place with one frag. And the favorite Scout was the MVP of the match.

The second match was won by a Hydra official with nine frags. With 14 kills the team forever topped the match table. Although Godlike managed to get 8 kills but was earlier eliminated. The MVP of the match was Owais with 10 kills.

The Desert map of Miramar was won by the Underdog team, Udog India with 10 frags. Team XSpark came second with 9 frags.

The fourth match was won by OR esports against Team XSpark with 90 kills. The Team XSpark grab nine frags.

The Hyderabad Hydras won the final and fifth match with 10 frags. The second place was grabbed by team Soul. 

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