Battleground Mobile India cannot connect to the server – what should I do?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds breaks all records of popularity among mobile games. In this article, we will tell you how to solve problems with connecting to the servers of the mobile version – Battleground Mobile India – after all, numerous users have them every now and then.

The reasons

Crashes or maintenance of game servers

Very often, connection problems in Battleground Mobile India occur due to a broken connection to the servers. Their reasons are a failure and subsequent repair or scheduled maintenance. Such situations are usually resolved quickly.

Internet problems

If you play over a mobile Internet or Wi-Fi network, make sure that the connection is there, that it is stable and fast (the game requires at least 5 Mbps, or better, more). Problems can arise due to interruptions at your operator / provider, due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. We recommend checking the speed and reliability of the Internet connection in the service created for this , it gives the most accurate data.

There is something wrong with the application

Smartphone software features and problems affect the operation of any applications and games. For example, if the cache is damaged, the game may not start or the connection to the server will be unstable.

What solutions are available?

Check the status of the game servers

There are various services like Downdetector that will let you know if other users are having connection problems. If you see error messages, you just have to wait for the servers to work. Also, information on issues can be found on the official Battleground Mobile India Twitter page. Read also How to unlink your Battleground Mobile India account from Facebook?

Restart the game / restart your smartphone

The obvious one is to close Battleground Mobile India (not by going to the desktop, but through the list of running programs) and start again. This will help clear the cache and remove other bugs. For reliability, you can also restart your smartphone.

Check for update availability

Make sure you have the latest software on your phone. And that Battleground Mobile India itself is also the newest version. It also happens that the game itself, the OS, the software shell of the device conflict. Developers quickly solve these problems, it is important not to miss updates. Read also How do I remove weapons in a lobby in Battleground Mobile India?

Fix network problems

If the Internet test showed that there are problems with the stability and speed of the connection, then in the case of the mobile Internet, turning off and on the data transmission, restarting the device, and the obvious one – physical movement to the place where the reception is better, can help.

If you are using Wi-Fi, try restarting your router, very often it helps (from experience). Position yourself closer to the router – within reasonable limits, of course, you don’t need to sit with it in an embrace, but you shouldn’t go to the backroom either. Make sure the router is not under heavy load. For example, that several devices connected to it do not simultaneously download torrents, videos, and so on. It is also worth trying to update the router’s firmware and contact the provider – he will tell you how to solve connection problems. Read also How to become a good sniper in Battleground Mobile India?

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