A Player in Fortnite Farms creative XP by sleeping his Cat

A player in Fortnite Farms creative XP by sleeping his Cat– In Chapter 3 Season 1, Fortnite players are desperate to earn XP in any way possible. Spider-Man’s inclusion in the battle pass has driven players to look for any way to get to page 9 (or level 90) quickly. They have tried everything they can think of to level up quickly, utilizing XP glitches to unlock the battle pass rewards.

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There was a Fortnite player who used his sleeping cat to harvest XP. It’s not surprising that everyone is trying to unlock this battle pass because the rewards are so good. It’s not the first and won’t be the last extremely unique method to farm XP.

Different ways to Farm Chapter 3 Season 1 XP

Glitch King is a Twitter user famous for finding intermittent bugs and glitches, usually involving Windows XP. The past few seasons have seemed tougher for players to get XP as quickly as they used to, so these methods have become very popular. Some players have been banned because of them, but there are safe methods that can ease the burden.

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There is an exceptional battle pass this year, offering these rewards as incentives to grind (and they are working):

  • Troubled Gum Weapon Wrap
  • Gum Brawler Harvesting Tool
  • Skywheeler Contrail
  • Spikebat Harvesting Tool
  • Loose Threads Contrail
  • Web-Head’s Knapsack Back Bling
  • Redline Cruise Music
  • It’s… You? Emote
  • Spider-Man Classic Skin
  • Web-Slingin’ Goodness Loading Screen
  • Webslinger Weapon Wrap
  • Web-Chute Glider
  • Neighborly Hang Emote
  • Wallopin’ Web Hammer Harvesting Tool
  • Spider-Man Symbiote Ski

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